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Innovation Lab

Participation in International and National Research

The strong background and capacity of Suite5 in implementing both private and public (EU & national) funded collaborative research and innovation projects, derives from the vast experience of the co-founders and employees of the company. This experience refers to successful implementations of over 50 research and innovation projects at national and international (EU) level in multiple domains (Interoperability, Big Data, Linked Data, Cloud Computing, Factories of the Future, Energy, ICT for Governance & Policy Modelling, eBusiness & eGovernance, etc.).

Our Research Lines

Data Analytics

Data-driven insights, predictions and decision support

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Exploiting the power of Machine Learning

Trusted Data Sharing

Distributed ledger technologies for brokerage and sharing

Semantics & Data Interoperability

Achieving common knowledge and understanding

Data Management

Unveiling the hidden value of business data


Past Projects

Suite5 has participated in numerous projects that have been successfully completed

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