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S5 Energy Analytics

Simple and intuitive energy in your hands

With the energy transition towards more de-centralized structures and the digitalization of the sector underway, it becomes apparent that new data-driven concepts and services are required to deliver added value for the variety of stakeholders involved in the energy ecosystem.

S5 Energy Analytics consists in an “Energy-as-a-Service” – EaaS offering, that has been built to deliver true intelligence in the energy domain and facilitate the transition to really smart energy concepts spanning all rings of the value chain, from the individual consumers and their needs for energy cost savings in a consumer-centric way, to large utilities and network operators, properly addressing their requirements for optimized portfolio/ billing management, operational stability and security of supply.

In this context and on the verge of the new energy era that calls for smart energy services placing the consumer at the heart of the future energy system, the Suite5 Energy Analytics Suite provides a fully-fledged bundle of services and functionalities that drastically breakthrough the domain and deliver real value to:

Energy Consumers and Prosumers 

Utilities and Aggregators

Local Energy Communities

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