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Data Analytics

Data-driven insights, predictions and decision support

Data and analytics have profoundly influenced business operations and our everyday lives. With more sophisticated algorithms already developed in theory, and computational power and storage steadily improving, an even bigger wave of change is looming on the horizon, as deep learning reaches maturity, giving machines unprecedented capabilities to think, solve problems and understand human languages.

Suite5 invests on data analytics as its flagship, in order to help clients realize the value of their data by:

  • Selecting, tracking, curating and pre-processing data at rest and data in motion, removing the (white) noise and verifying any data in doubt.

  • Deploying descriptive analytics in order to help them understand at an aggregate level what is happening in their company in any business front, and summarize and describe different aspects of their business.

  • Putting into practice predictive analytics at any time they need to gain insights into the future of their business, exploiting meaningful patterns found in their historical and transactional data and correlating them with other data sources to timely identify risks and opportunities.

  • Providing tangible decision support with the application of prescriptive analytics, allowing them to “prescribe” a number of different possible actions and guiding them towards a solution by providing data-driven and evidence-based advice.

  • Exploring deep learning to find unknown patterns or extract different concept features for their products and services.

  • Offering customized, yet intuitive visual analytics dashboards to allow their clients’ employees (either data analysts or business experts) to form hypotheses, define the relevant analytics algorithm(s), optionally construct fully-fledged models, and navigate to / interact with the outcomes.

  • Overall guidance and support in developing advanced analytics strategies to derive competitive advantage from their data assets.

Depending on the nature of the data that is accessible, on the type of problem to be addressed and on the desired level of analysis by its clients, Suite5 applies a mixture of “traditional” machine learning techniques (e.g. supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised learning) and deep learning techniques (i.e. multi-layered neural networks, reinforcement learning).

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