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S5 Personal Analytics

The power of data analytics for individuals

The S5 Personal Data Analytics Suite is a cloud-based analytics engine acting as a privacy-aware data handling environment for personal and interlinked data streams related to activities performed by individuals in accordance with the EC GDPR directions.


As such, the S5 Personal Data Analytics Suite can be used for creating information-rich user profiles, based on users’ activities recorded in diverse ICT communication channels and devices (i.e. wearables and smart home devices), pulled automatically, or inserted into the system in a semi-automatic manner by users themselves.


Indicatively, from an energy-specific perspective, the S5 Personal Data Analytics Suite acts as the basis for the development of personalized and intuitive energy management services according to the individual user needs, while enabling the deployment of appropriate and highly effective motivation techniques to sustain user engagement in energy efficiency campaigns. It also leverages an Occupancy Profiling and Personalization Toolset to infer context-aware user preferences and comfort boundaries that can then be used for a number of different applications.

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