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Transforming Data to Intelligence

Who Needs Us

Analysing the Numbers

I have sensor data that I can't combine with other sources and make use of.

Office Space

I want to take control of my energy expenses.

Stock Market Graph

It would be useful to predict market trends in a trustworthy manner.

The S5 data-driven services Lifecycle





The S5 Approach

Suite5 has a long-standing experience in the provision of data-driven and data-inspired services in large, demanding and multi-disciplinary projects.

The S5 data-driven services lifecycle consists of four consecutive stages:


  • Collect: The data collection process ensures high quality and accuracy. Multiple sources can be exploited.

  • Prepare: Cleansing and curation of gathered data to export datasets ready for further exploration. 

  • Analyze: Processing of prepared data, and application of descriprive, prescriptive and predictive analytics to extract valuable information.

  • Visualize: Transform the elicited knowledge into clear visualizations, offering customized visual analytics dashboards.  

Technology Enablers

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Distributed Ledger
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