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Project Acronym: CUREX

Project Full Title: seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange

Duration: 01/12/2018 – 30/11/2021

Topic: SU-TDS-02-2018 Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy/data/infrastructures

Project Website:

Suite5 in CUREX

Suite5 leads the specification and implementation activities related to the Threat Intelligence Engine (TIE). TIE is in charge of detecting and analyzing all the vulnerabilities, incidents and threat information obtained from the different layers of a health system, as well as of generating information about potential or imminent threats that could impact either such a system or the overall organization at different severity levels.

CUREX addresses comprehensively the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of health data by producing a novel, flexible and scalable situational awareness-oriented platform. It allows healthcare providers to assess the realistic cybersecurity and privacy risks they are exposed to and suggest mathematically optimal strategies for addressing these risks with safeguards tailored specifically for each business case and application. CUREX is GDPR compliant by design and aims to develop one of the first blockchain platforms for risk assessment management under the GDPR. At its core, a decentralized architecture enhanced with a private blockchain infrastructure ensures the integrity of the risk assessment process and of all data transactions that occur between the diverse range of stakeholders involved. Crucially, CUREX expands beyond technical measures and places emphasis also on improving cyber hygiene through training and raising awareness activities for a healthcare institution’s personnel. Its validation focuses on the highly challenging condition of (cross-border) health data exchange, spanning patient cross-border mobility, remote healthcare, and data exchange for research.

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