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Project Acronym: UNICORN

Project Full Title: A novel framework for multi-cloud services deployment, orchestration, deployment and continuous management fostering cloud technologies uptake from digital SMEs and startups

Duration: 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2019

Topic: ICT-06-2016 - Cloud Computing

Project Website:

Suite5 in UNICORN

The main responsibilities of SUITE5 in UNICORN are the deployment and testing of the UNICORN solution as the underlying infrastructure for the S5 Enterprise Big Data Analytics Suite-Social of the company. SUITE5 also coordinates the overall demonstrator activities in UNICORN, leading the evaluation framework definition and demonstrators’ planning activities.

The UNICORN project aims at fostering the provision and adoption of competitive, innovative, secure and reliable Cloud computing services by SMEs through the development of a portable, collaborative and user-friendly Web-based IDE plugin (based on Eclipse Che) with desktop compatibility support to design, deploy, monitor and manage secure, elastic micro-services with emphasis on data privacy over multi-cloud programmable infrastructure (unikernels). 

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