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Project Acronym: PERSEPHONE
Project Full Title: Improve Energy Efficiency through Personalised Energy Management Services in Small Offices and Homes
Duration: 21/05/2019 – 20/05/2021
Project Website:


Suite5 is the project coordinator of the PERSEPHONE project and responsible for the delivery of the PERSEPHONE solution. Suite5 advances the state-of-the-art in feedback provision and recommendation mechanisms in order to provide a truly personalized experience to the final users of the PERSEPHONE solution, while in parallel enhancing the personalized recommendation applications with gamification concepts to reinforce user engagement and ensure sustainable behaviour change toward energy efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, Suite5 coordinates the dissemination activities of the project and leads the pilot testing and validation activities of the project, offering their office premises in Limassol as the pilot test-bed of the PERSEPHONE solution.

The vision of PERSEPHONE is to design and deploy an innovative IT ecosystem for motivating end-users’ behavioural changes towards the adoption of energy efficient lifestyles, building upon the evolvements in the Internet of Things, Data Modelling and Analysis and Recommendation and Gamification eras. PERSEPHONE aims to support energy efficiency in the buildings sector through behavioural change of the occupants with regards to their daily energy consumption profile, as well as their preferences in terms of a personal comfort zone. The main distinguishing characteristic of PERSEPHONE is that it exploits the advantages provided by a set of novel ICT technologies for enabling the design, development and provision of personalized energy management and awareness services in smart buildings. The philosophy of the proposed approach is based on the provision of personalized services that can lead to behavioural change through energy consumption awareness and motives provided to occupants based on their behavioural profile. The main motivation for developing the PERSEPHONE solution regards the improvement of energy efficiency in small houses and offices along with the identified market opportunity for the provision of personalized and intelligent energy management services. PERSEPHONE is going to achieve energy efficiency without sacrificing the comfort of inhabitants, achieve behavioural change in long term through the adoption of more energy efficient policies, while offering a sustainable approach that can be adopted without being very intrusive.

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