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S5 Social Analytics

Social data analytics for enterprises

S5 Social Analytics is an enterprise social data analytics engine-as-a-service addressed to the needs of modern businesses to track their online presence, to understand the sentiment and opinions about their products and brands, and to distil customer needs and market trends. Built on an open-source big data technology stack, the S5 Social Analytics Suite builds on the T-S-P-V principle, translated as:

  • Track. Based on each enterprise settings (i.e. selected keywords, pages, accounts, sources, timeframe), the S5 Enterprise Data Analytics Suite retrieves unstructured data from selected web resources (RSS feeds), social data from selected social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and structured data coming from smart devices (Wearables) through RESTful connectors and crawlers.

  • Store. All data collected are appropriately filtered (removing “noise”) and stored in an intelligent 2-layer storage mechanism to facilitate retrieval and scaling.

  • Process. By running a variety of algorithms in the background, real-time processing is performed and results into automatic identification of opinions and sentiments, trends and “hidden” emerging keywords.

  • Visualize. Through intuitive visualizations (i.e. dashboards, tree maps, charts, galleries), the power of analytics is delivered to each enterprise in an interactive way.

In practice, S5 Social Analytics is based on keyword- and account-based information acquisition, information filtering, natural language processing, trend analysis and emotion analysis. Various analytics algorithms and hybrid (supervised and unsupervised) machine learning techniques are applied to extract relevant topics and actionable data, to detect influencing behaviour (through variations of the PageRank algorithm) and to back-trace or simply follow the trail of retrieved data. In its intuitive dashboard, it provides a playground for experimentation, with easy navigation to the results and smart filtering options for the user-friendly visualizations (e.g. to remove promo material).

Through its collaboration features, S5 Social Analytics allows a team to get access to the same project settings, to share “live” (in terms of constantly updated) reports, and to contribute their comments and ideas as inspired by the social media discussions and other online sources (with social features).

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