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Project Acronym: BEYOND

Project Full Title: A reference big data platform implementation and AI analytics toolkit toward innovative data sharing-driven energy service ecosystems for the building sector and beyond
Duration: 01/12/2020 – 30/11/2023
Topic: LC-SC3-B4E-6-2020 - Big data for buildings
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Suite5 in BEYOND

Suite5 is the technical coordinator of the project and a leading ICT partner. Suite5 will lead the development of the Big Data Platform and the Integration of the Different Component, the integration with external systems and data sources, will define the Big Data Analytics and Data Sharing Mechanisms and will also be responsible of the development of the Personalized Analytics Application accompanied by human-centric automation functions towards providing a first-of-a-kind experience to the final users of the service. Moreover, Suite5 will be responsible for the exploitation and business planning activities of the project and the coordination activities with the contractor in charge of the EU Building Stock Observatory Update and Maintenance.

BEYOND brings forward a reference Big Data Management Platform, on top of which an advanced AI analytics toolkit will be offered allowing for the delivery of derivative data and intelligence out of a blend of real-life building data and relevant data coming from external sources (batch and real-time). The Analytics Toolkit will enable the execution of a wealth of descriptive-predictive-prescriptive analytics on the basis of pre-trained algorithms focusing on Personal Analytics (consumer behaviour, comfort and flexibility profiling), Industrial Analytics (Energy Performance, Predictive Maintenance, Forecasting and Flexibility analytics), along with Edge Analytics towards intelligent real-time automated control of building assets. The BEYOND Big data platform and AI Analytics Toolkit will be associated with novel data (intelligence) sharing mechanisms that enable the integration of value chain stakeholders (building and market actors), thus allowing the latter ones to gain the opportunity to acquire building data & advanced analytics and build their own applications and solutions, towards (i) providing innovative energy services to the building sector, while (ii) at the same time improving their business operations and increasing their business processes and operations (de-risked EPC, informed policy planning & infrastructure sizing). To achieve this degree of intelligence and optimization, BEYOND will leverage data, primary or secondarily related to the building domain, coming from diverse sources (data APIs, historical, sensor / IoT, weather and market data, the EU Building Stock Observatory, open building data hubs) integrated to the BEYOND Platform to enable data exchange in an interoperable and standards-based manner. BEYOND will be validated in 4 large-scale demonstrators (EL, ES, FI, RS) involving (i) data collection from diverse building typologies, data sources, building systems and devices, and (ii) data (intelligence) sharing with various market actors.

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