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Data Management

Unveiling the hidden value of business data

Organizations have traditionally stored and managed their data to facilitate their operations without realizing the real value that their data has the credentials to unveil. In the data era we live with data lying at the core of any industry, organizations have started adopting a more mature and enlightened view of data that has now become instrumental for their whole ecosystem of stakeholders and fueled growth, efficiency and innovation.

Suite5 facilitates organizations to transform their data from byproduct to business asset by supporting them in:

  • Applying data curation techniques and processes to annotate, extract, integrate and transform data.

  • Anonymizing non-critical business data that may become available as open data to ensure users’ privacy.

  • Addressing data quality aspects across multiple dimensions that eventually increase data consistency and veracity.

  • Understanding the value of their data and establishing data governance processes with a view to facilitating analytics and appropriately monetizing their data assets whenever applicable.

  • Leveraging anonymization services that populate aggregated “User Personas” (i.e. fictional representative users) in order to reveal activity-related intelligence without compromising users’ real identities or the exact activities performed.

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