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Project Acronym: UPTIME

Project Full Title: Unified predictive maintenance system

Duration: 01/09/2017 – 28/02/2021

Topic: FoF-09-2017 - Novel design and predictive maintenance technologies for increased operating life of production systems

Project Website:

Suite5 in UPTIME

Suite5 will lead the definition of the multi-source data acquisition, harmonisation and processing patterns, working actively on the different diagnosis, prognosis and decision-making algorithms. Leading the development of the Manufacturing Legacy Data Analytics (UPTIME_ANALYZE) component, Suite5 will be involved in the design and implementation of the overall UPTIME e-Maintenance Platform, while acting as the IT support partner in the implementation of the Home Appliances business case of the project.

UPTIME aims to design a unified predictive maintenance framework and an associated unified information system in order to enable the predictive maintenance strategy implementation in manufacturing industries. The UPTIME predictive maintenance system will extend and unify the new digital, e-maintenance services and tools and will incorporate information from heterogeneous data sources, e.g. sensors, to more accurately estimate the process performances.UPTIME will enable manufacturing companies to reach Gartner’s level 4 of data analytics maturity (“optimized decision-making”) in order to improve physically-based models and to synchronise maintenance with quality management, production planning and logistics options. 

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