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S5 Web Analytics

Web data analytics for portal and dynamic web pages management

S5 Web Analytics provides to the any organisation responsible for the operation and management of a portal or a dynamic web page, an online (web) dashboard which will present user analytics. 

Specifically, three sets of analytics will be produced and presented/ delivered online through the Dashboard, as follows:

A. User visit analytics including indicatively: Users Location, Most Visited Pages, Languages, Visit Duration, etc.

B. User search analytics including indicatively: Statistics Summary (X Searches, Y User Locations, Z RI Locations), Basic search (list of most common keywords), Advanced search (Most searched keywords / RI Categories / Location Country).

C. Advanced search analytics including indicatively: Correlations of search queries / results (e.g. locations of users with specific searches), Comparison diagrams between different time periods, Semantic grouping and correlation of search queries (e.g. taking into account synonyms), Comparisons between type of search (RIs vs Other Entities), Heatmaps of Results, Attention Maps, Overlay and Confetti-like diagrams.

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