Local Energy Communities

Simple and intuitive energy in your hands.

S5 Balance

S5 Balance is an energy management application that supports the optimization of Energy Performance Contracting, mostly focusing on the profitability of RES investments operating in Net Metering programmes. It is a targeted application for increasing energy efficiency and self-consumption on the consumer/ community side, to further enhance the attractiveness and efficiency of RES installations and Net Metering at the local level

S5 Unite

S5 Unite supports energy management optimization within the frame of Local Energy Communities. It is a unique application that allows maximum self-consumption and increased efficiency of Virtual Net Metering programmes, allowing for minimization of energy costs for the members of the community through access to low and stable electricity prices for long pre-defined periods. Unite facilitates the establishment of local energy markets, building on top of a basic blockchain infrastructure developed by Suite5. In this context local energy communities can self-organize themselves to act both as energy retailer (supplying energy to their members at affordable prices) and as aggregators, offering local flexibility in energy markets for the provision of balancing and ancillary services to network operators.