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Utilities and Aggregators

Simple and intuitive energy in your hands.

S5 Portfolio Analytics

S5 Portfolio Analytics solution comprises in a powerful platform that collects, processes and analyses vast amounts of energy-related data from smart meters to allow energy utilities to gain insights on the performance of their clients, identify outliers and abnormal events towards triggering appropriate alerts, while offering them the capability to optimize their billing strategies based on the comprehensive analysis of demand profiles at different spatio-temporal granularity.

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Main Service Features

Monitoring and analysis of demand profiles

Annual, monthly, daily and 15-minute overviews of demand profiles and associated energy costs, based on smart meter readings.

Portfolio clustering

Generation of custom reports for demand profile analysis of specific clusters of consumers, considering a variety of spatial, temporal and client-related criteria.

Billing strategy formulation

Execution of what-if scenarios over selected consumer clusters to optimize billing and adjust it to their demand profiles.


Imbalance avoidance

Definition of appropriate billing strategic ad-hoc to avoid critical imbalances and relevant charges

Main App Features

Metering data dashboard with different views and visualization of a variety of KPIs referring to energy demand, peak demand, energy costs, energy savings

Portfolio grouping and creation of meaningful clusters for performance analysis and demand profile comparisons

Comparative analytics on a variety of KPIs at different spatio-temporal granularity

Notifications and alerts on the basis of pre-defined or custom rules (regarding energy consumption and associated thresholds) set by the utility

Individual analytics on energy consumption, peak load and energy costs (reaching even at 15-minute level), patterns and outliers detection and individual performance comparisons with historical data from previous years

Possibility to extend functionality for improving demand forecasting

Benefits for the Utility

Better understanding and management of portfolio performance and aggregated demand profiles

Formulation of more effective and profitable billing strategies

Avoidance of imbalance charges due to forecasting errors

Compliance with energy efficiency obligations for utilities at national level and realization of anticipated energy savings

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S5 Flexibility Analytics

The S5 Flexibility Analytics solution enables the multidimensional analysis, correlation and efficient management of demand flexibility profiles, considering key flexibility aspects such as capacity and response capabilities. It allows for the dynamic and spatio-temporal segmentation, classification and clustering of different sources of flexibility for the selection of appropriate aggregated Virtual Power Plants to provide specific optimization functions (considering flexibility profiles and their suitability to provide different electricity grid services, e.g. balancing, frequency response or voltage regulation).

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Main Service Features


Monitoring and analysis of flexibility profiles

referring to a variety of flexibility sources (demand, generation, storage, EVs).

Flexibility profiles segmentation and clustering

formulation of optimal flexibility dispatch strategies.


Monitoring and devising

of flexibility dispatch strategies on the fly.

Main App Features

Unique algorithmic framework for the extraction of flexibility profiles out of energy metering data streams

Continuous real-time flexibility monitoring and short-term forecasting

Dynamic clustering and aggregation of flexibility profiles into Virtual Power Plants on the basis of a variety of parameters such as location, time, flexibility capacity, response time, contract arrangement

Signal dispatching for implicit and/ or explicit control strategies implementation (manual control vs automation)

Break-down high-level flexibility signals to individual flexibility dispatch commands at the level of prosumer or even device

Interfaces for communication and interconnection to network operators’ systems for flexibility signals exchange

Continuous monitoring of flexibility strategies and on the fly devising in case of overrides

Utilization of blockchain technology for objective and transparent settlement and remuneration of flexibility activation events

Benefits for the Aggregator

Optimized flexibility bidding on the basis of accurate flexibility forecasts

Revenue and Profitability increase through the provision of services to network operators

Gaining access to the unleashed flexibility potential of the demand side and opening of new opportunities for revenue increase in energy markets through the utilization of low-OPEX and highly competitive flexibility resources

Opportunities for expanding their EaaS offerings with the inclusion of energy efficiency and smart home services towards small and medium-sized energy consumers

Optimized risk hedging through continuous monitoring and on-the-fly strategy devising

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