Utilities and Aggregators

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S5 Portfolio Analytics

S5 Portfolio Analytics solution comprises in a powerful platform that collects, processes and analyses vast amounts of energy-related data from smart meters to allow energy utilities to gain insights on the performance of their clients, identify outliers and abnormal events towards triggering appropriate alerts, while offering them the capability to optimize their billing strategies based on the comprehensive analysis of demand profiles at different spatio-temporal granularity.

S5 Flexibility Analytics

The S5 Flexibility Analytics solution enables the multidimensional analysis, correlation and efficient management of demand flexibility profiles, considering key flexibility aspects such as capacity and response capabilities. It allows for the dynamic and spatio-temporal segmentation, classification and clustering of different sources of flexibility for the selection of appropriate aggregated Virtual Power Plants to provide specific optimization functions (considering flexibility profiles and their suitability to provide different electricity grid services, e.g. balancing, frequency response or voltage regulation).