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Energy Prosumers & Consumers

Simple and intuitive energy in your hands

Services for Residential  Consumers

S5 Transform

S5 Transform is an Intuitive application and the communication channel between the utility and the residential consumer. It consists in the central dashboard for managing understanding energy consumption and managing energy bills.

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Main Service Features

Consumption and cost overview

Typical Information about total consumption, management of electricity bills, gamification features.


Notifications via app

Insights about typical consumption patterns, notifications about bill payments.

Main App Features

Customer profile overview

Comparison with past period data

Informative billing - Historical billing period data & analysis

Comparison with similar consumers following advanced clustering techniques

Overview of contract data and selection of optimal programme

Energy behavior analysis and energy efficiency tips

View invoices and request interim invoices

Benefits for the Consumer

Better understanding and management of electricity bills

Optimal contract selection and cost optimization

Involvement and benefits from loyalty programmes

Further cost optimization through moderate energy savings

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S5 Automate

S5 Automate is an easy to use, plug and play, fully featured smart home and energy management solution. It combines home automation with energy monitoring and enhanced analytics for better understanding of energy consumption that subsequently may lead to significant energy savings.

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Main Service Features

Energy savings

Notifications about increased energy consumption and guidance for energy efficiency and savings potential.

Indoor comfort preservation

Rule setting and remote control of heating/ cooling and lighting devices according to comfort preferences.


Secure living

Remote management of lights when absent.

Main App Features

Visualization and analysis of near-real-time energy consumption and indoor ambience information

Live notifications and guidance for enhanced energy efficiency and energy/ cost savings (premium)

Energy consumption analysis and performance evaluation at the level of individual devices

Device management on-the-road

Pre-defined control scenarios and routines for increased energy savings or comfort or both

Advanced performance evaluation of individual devices

User-guided communication, facilitating the initial setup and integration of devices

Accessible through different devices & Customizable screen

Benefits for the Consumer

Increased energy and cost savings

Comfort preservation and security enhancement

Smart home experience and familiarity with state-of-the-art technologies

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Services for Commercial and Industrial Consumers

S5 Improve

S5 Improve is an easy to use energy management solution consisting in an advanced analytics and optimization application based on smart metering and sub-metering data streams. It is the optimal energy management solution for commercial and industrial customers to increase their knowledge about energy consumption and receive insights and tips on how to optimize energy performance and smash energy costs.

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Main Service Features

Consumption and cost overview

Monthly overviews of energy consumption and respective costs, based on smart meter readings.


Daily insight via app

Daily insights about energy consumption and performance comparison against previous periods’ consumption, along with similar peers.

Bill management

Better management of energy bills and payments

Energy easy to understand

Easy determination of energy wastes and implicit motivation for energy saving activities.

Even more accurate insight

Upon permission we can read your meter every 15 minutes, allowing for near real-time energy monitoring and management, while setting the basis for further savings.

Main App Features

Access to billing information

Energy consumption, status information and notifications for energy wastes

Predefined settings for energy savings

Energy efficiency Tips & Tricks on the screen, comparison with yourself and similar peers

Graphical evaluations of total consumption - Display of consumption history at different temporal granularity (month, day, 15-min)

User-guided communication, which facilitates the initial setup and integration of devices

Accessible through different devices & customizable screen

Benefits for the Consumer

Better understanding and management of electricity bills

Identification of energy wastes and guidance toward enhanced energy savings

Near-real-time monitoring of energy consumption and opportunities for utilization of generated data-streams for further applications

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