Energy Prosumers & Consumers

Simple and intuitive energy in your hands

Services for Residential  Consumers

S5 Transform

S5 Transform is an Intuitive application and the communication channel between the utility and the residential consumer. It consists in the central dashboard for managing understanding energy consumption and managing energy bills.

S5 Automate

S5 Automate is an easy to use, plug and play, fully featured smart home and energy management solution. It combines home automation with energy monitoring and enhanced analytics for better understanding of energy consumption that subsequently may lead to significant energy savings.

Services for Commercial and Industrial Consumers

S5 Improve

S5 Improve is an easy to use energy management solution consisting in an advanced analytics and optimization application based on smart metering and sub-metering data streams. It is the optimal energy management solution for commercial and industrial customers to increase their knowledge about energy consumption and receive insights and tips on how to optimize energy performance and smash energy costs.