Becoming part of SOUL-FI :)

Hello all!

Today we are delighted to share with you news that one of our "concepts" has been accepted for funding under the SOUL-FI Round A Accelerator programme.

SOUL-FI is a technology accelerator aiming to support the development of Future Internet applications to make cities smarter, more sustainable and more cohesive. It provides targeted support (dedicated funding and services) to translate novel concepts (new apps and services) into a proven business proposition.

Our project, is called CityTourer, bringing into the market an FI-WARE powered application, serving people wandering around a city with a real-time, personalized, green city touring assistant, able to suggest routes of interests based on their wishes (sightseeing, Top-10 attractions, etc.) and crowdsourced knowledge from the social web.

To find more about CityTourer, click here.

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